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Play No Image How to use SBLI and example scenario How to use SBLI and example scenario
16/08/13 System
Play No Image 7042 Assignment one scenario Scenarion for assignment 1, Law of Obligations
06/09/13 06/09/13 Dr Wendy Bonython
Play No Image River rescue Carp are often blamed for the unhealthy state of a river, and its decline in native fish populations. In reality carp are part of a much larger problem.
23/12/13 Jo Keogh
Play No Image Statutory Interpretation Statutory Interpretation Online activity combine with a Moodle site quiz tool.
23/12/13 23/12/13 Sarah Ailwood, Arshad Hussanee
Play No Image Something Fishy You like your goldfish but the brown ones are a bit boring. Discover what can happen if you dispose of your goldfish carelessly. Visit your local river and find out what is lurking under the water and should it be really there?
23/12/13 23/12/13 Jo Keogh
Play No Image Magpie Madness Oh no, it’s magpie breeding season near your school and this can mean only one thing – SWOOPING MAGPIES. What should you do if your friendly neighbourhood magpie suddenly decides to swoop at you? Work through this activity and find out how to best de
23/12/13 Jo Keogh
Play No Image Stop the raven raid Ravens are destroying your almond orchard and your livelihood. Choose a pest management solution that will best suit your needs, your bank balance and won't upset your hippy neighbours.
23/12/13 23/12/13 Jo Keogh
Play No Image Endangered shorebird protection project Set in place a series of important recovery actions to guarantee the effective conservation of an endangered bird species before it becomes extinct.
23/12/13 23/12/13 Jo Keogh
Play No Image Peril Island Become a park ranger and attempt to restore a remote subantarctic island to its former glory by removing its pest animals.
23/12/13 23/12/13 Jo Keogh
Play No Image Outsmarting the canefield rat Stop the ravenous canefield rat from ruining your sugarcane crop by manipulating its preferred habitat. Will owls and snakes help or hinder you?
23/12/13 23/12/13 Jo Keogh
No Image jjjjj jjjjj
06/02/14 06/02/14 jjjj 06/02/14 13/02/14
No Image Suzie Pink Suzie Pink to be used for "With Woman With Child"
24/02/14 Patricia Townson Rowena Davies 24/02/14 31/12/15
No Image test Test
24/02/14 24/02/14 Marg 24/02/14 18/03/14
No Image test4 ff
24/02/14 24/02/14 rg 24/02/14 27/02/14
No Image GAF Polly Wong to be used with GAF
04/03/14 Patricia Townson Rowena Davies 04/03/14 31/12/15
No Image WPB Margo to be used with WPB
04/03/14 Patricia Townson Rowena Davies 04/03/14 31/12/14
No Image Respiratory case study This study requires you to interpret and analyse clinical data relevant to the patients presentation, and to apply your knowledge regarding ventilatory support to optimise the patients outcome
06/03/14 Lori Delaney 09/03/16 30/06/17
No Image Continuity A Mary Donaldson to be used with Continuity A
07/03/14 Patricia Townson Rowena Davies 07/03/14 31/12/15
No Image Later WWWC Later Suzie Pink
10/03/14 06/04/14 Patricia Townson Rowena Davies 10/03/14 31/12/14
No Image WPB Margo Margo with youtube videos
24/03/14 Patricia Townson Rowena Davies 24/03/14 31/12/15
No Image 9053: Fluid and Electrolyte tutorial This tutorial provides with an opportunity to review key concepts via different animations. The core body of the tutorial centres around 4 case studies. Within these case studies there are a number of questions for you to apply your knowledge. The tutorial concludes with a consolidation test.
28/03/14 Lori Delaney 06/05/15 01/08/15
No Image NEUROLOGICAL INJURY In this case study you are required to receive a clinical handover of a patient admitted via ED with a head injury. You will to collate information and prepare this patient for a safe transfer to the CT scanner.
10/04/14 10/04/14 L Delaney 10/04/14 30/06/14
No Image SKIM Su Chan to be used with Sharing Knowledge in Midwifery
21/04/14 Patricia Townson Rowena Davies 21/04/14 31/12/15
No Image 9053 EXAM REVISION 1 This item provides you with revision material from week 1 through to 3. It contains revision tutorials and animations, along with practice questions: short answer and multiple choice.
22/04/14 L Delaney 06/05/15 01/08/15
No Image Clarice Meet Clarice a 20 year old woman who has been admitted to the adult mental health unit
30/04/14 30/04/14 GH 30/04/14 24/05/14
No Image Alterations in Health 2 Exam revision for week 4 and 6.
06/05/14 L.J.Delaney 07/05/15 01/08/15
No Image Midwifery Possibilities Mary Donaldson to be used with Midwifery Possibilities
14/05/14 Patricia Townson Rowena Davies 14/05/14 31/12/15
No Image Medications Medication scenario for Continuity B
24/06/14 29/06/14 Patricia Townson 24/06/14 31/12/14
No Image Medications Medications to be used with Continuity B
29/07/14 Patricia Townson 29/07/14 31/12/15
No Image TWOB Suzie for use with The Work of Birth
01/08/14 Patricia Townson Ali Teate 01/08/14 31/12/15
No Image End of Life Care - 9294 This short case study provides you with the opportunity to apply your knowledge regarding end of life care, and the assessment and diagnosis of brain death.
06/09/14 06/09/14 L.J. Delaney 06/09/14 28/11/14
No Image VBAC VBAC scenario
25/09/14 Patricia Townson 25/09/14 31/12/15
No Image Pharmacology module: Learning for Professional practice 6 This module provide the opportunity for you to review some of the commonly administered medications in the clinical setting, divided into a number of modules including pediatrics and advanced life support.
07/04/15 L.J Delaney 07/04/15 04/12/17